Hiking Holidays Are Out - Mountain Bike Holidays Are In!

For a change of pace, why not take your friends and family out to mountain bike holidays? You can all enjoy the sun, the long stretches of road and the wide open spaces together as a group, and in the process get some much-needed fresh air and exercise!

Instead of hiking holidays, mountain bike holidays ought to help you cover more ground, and enjoy more of the scenery. This would allow you to get the best out of being in a new location, which should be all the more reason to want to book a biking holiday somewhere far from home! Cycling instead of hiking would bring about less discomfort on anyone's part, too - fewer corns aching, legs cramping and dismayed cries of "are we there yet?"

A lot of cycling holidays take place only once a year, per location. This is why you have to book a biking trip preferably months ahead of time! But there are cycling holidays year-round, if you know where to look. If in case popular biking routes are closed due to the season or other less predictable factors, you can try to book a biking trip out of the state - even out of the country!

There are biking holidays in the UK, in European countries, even in Asia, Africa and Latin America. If you're after truly exotic locations, look into a route that could take you on a scenic journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Or take a trip through the Red River Valley, get to know the natives who live along the tour route, and sample a genuine taste of Vietnamese culture.

The United States also has some lovely biking locations, so don't miss out on the chance to have fun close to home. There is a good route outside of San Francisco, California, for example, which would take you around Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain and down to Santa Cruz. With luck, you'll be able to make a booking for a coast-to-coast biking tour. If you and your loved ones are adventurous and able-bodied enough, this could be an extremely memorable trip.

Never underestimate the fun you can have when traveling with your loved ones, and don't pass up the chance to turn your quality time together into mountain bike holidays. In fact, why not make biking holidays an annual family affair? Select a favorite location to turn into a scenic spot for a regular family reunion, or sample different locations yearly with your free-spirited friends!