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Carp Fishing With Liquids!
 by: Jeffrey Ryall

In this article, I will try to give you a list of the best liquids to use when fishing for carp. Everyone has different ideas as to which is their favourite but I hope to give you some choices.

Ming Oil.

This liquid is a ruby, fishy blend and is considered to be one of the best warm water carp attractors when splashed over any sort of pellets to add real pulling power. Its also good in any boil mix, use 20-30 ml to per 1 kilo of dry mix.


Like the saying goes, you either love it or you hate it, well carp seem to love it. This is salty and very rich in vitamin B and they do seem to like it. Use between 15-30 ml with 6 eggs in a boil mix, sometimes warming the jar makes it easier to work with. Beware your bait may soften quicker in the pond, I also use dog biscuits soaked in marmite when fishing on the surface.

Corn Steep Liquor.

This is one of the biggest corn steep liquors or CSL is a brown thick liquid made during glucose extraction from maize. You can use this in a boil mix, pour it neat over ground bait or splash it over pellets. There are different qualities around and prices but try to buy one that’s not been watered down to much as it looses its effectiveness.

Liquid Molasses.

Liquid molasses can come in many different strengths and sweetness’s. It can range from top quality to a bitter black strap molasses. It’s very thick, sticky and tastes a bit like sugar that’s been burnt. This liquid is very cheap and does not sound exciting which is perhaps why more anglers don’t use it, but I find it quite good. Use it in a boil mix at 15 ml with six eggs or try it direct on pellets or something else.

Squirrel Dip.

Squirrel dip is a blend of several concentrated extracts and liquid foods. It is very reliable of getting a bite off a carp, whether it is in the warmer or colder months.

This is good whether you use it in a mix or as a dip. You can only get it through
Yateley Angling Centre or Tackle Box.

By using these liquids for carp fishing it has been known to catch carp up to 40lbs in weight but you must be sure to have the right tackle to land these big fish.