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How To Catch More Bass Next Time!

Going on a fishing vacation can be fun especially when you are fishing for bass.
Fishing a new lake or a new piece of water can be really exhilarating as well as down right frustrating. Below are a few tips to help you on your way.

A good idea might be to hire a fishing guide, especially if you are new to the area.
He would be able to give good advice on where to fish, what time is best in a specific area and which techniques work well on that particular piece of water.The guide should also have an idea as to what sort of bait to use for a specific fish.

Another idea is to do some research on the lake or piece of water you are going to be fishing. You could read about the water in question in magazines or on a website. The more time spent now in learning where the best places are to catch the fish and with what bait the better the chances of having a good days fishing. Also go to the local fishing shop and ask some of the local fishermen where they have had their best days fishing and what tackle and bait they used.
Bass like to stay close to rocks, trees or similar places and in the mane will stay away from open waters, so if you do not get any other information here is a good place to start. Start with one bait and try for a while and if the fish are not biting, change tactics and try something different.

Sometimes the bass will be found in ledges or in intersections of water. These fish will go for a variety of bait, try artificial worms or a pumpkin seed colour.

Bass will very often stay close to their spawning area and this should be fished if at all possible. Try using spinners that are light in colour and fish them just under the surface to attract the fish.
When trying to catch bass cast your bait close to rock formations or shaded areas as well as trying different baits and tackle. Remember this is a vacation, so do not take it to seriously, relax and enjoy the time you have to fish ,it will soon pass and you will be back at work . What could be better than being out in the sun and fresh air with no work or mobile phones to distract you and catching a net full of fish? Oh heaven.